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BELL 212

Twin-engines helicopter famous for its high reliability, it is an excellent option for the transport of passengers and charges. Qualified as the “truck of the airs” it has proved since years its efficiency all over the world.


Number of Seats: 2 pilots + 13 passengers

Cruising Speed: 110 kt

Endurance with : 02:15

220 Minutes Reserve: 225 NM.

Power Plant: Twin Engine

Engine (x2): Pratt & Whitney Canada Twin-Pac® PT6T‑3 

Maximum Takeoff Power: 1,290 shp

Empty Weight: 6,475 lb

Maximum Takeoff Weight:  11,190 lb

External Load Capacity: 4,405 lb

TService Ceiling: 12,500 ft

All characteristics and performances are given for Maximum Takeoff Weight with internal load at sea level, with zero wind in ISA conditions: (29.92 inch Hg at 59 °F at Sea Level – Standard decrease with altitude). These performances may vary notably with altitude and temperature.

Safety is our philosophy



  • Petroleum, Gas & Mining Industry
  • Electrical & Energy Industry
  • Transportations
  • Environment
  • Agro Forestal Industry
  • Emergencies
  • Helirapel ( Crane Rescue )
  • Aerial Photography

Contact information

Airport El Trompillo Street Placido Molina
(+591-3) 355-9040
(+591-3) 355-5330

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