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This is the more powerful of the ECUREUIL series; it is the best helicopter dedicated to lifting jobs in high regions under high temperatures; equipped with the latest generation of flat panels instrumentation, it allows the best operability. It is definitely “the helicopter” to work in tropical high mountains areas.


Number of Seats: 1 pilot + 6 passengers

Cruising Speed: 110 kt

Endurance with : 02:42

220 Minutes Reserve: 330 NM.

Power Plant: Single Engine

Engine: Turboméca Arriel 2B

Maximum Takeoff Power: 847 shp

Empty Weight: 2,860 lb

Maximum Takeoff Weight:  

- Internal Load: 4,960 lb.
- External Load: 6,172 lb.

External Load Capacity: 3,086 lb.

TService Ceiling: 16,630 ft.

All characteristics and performances are given for Maximum Takeoff Weight with internal load at sea level, with zero wind in ISA conditions: (29.92 inch Hg at 59 °F at Sea Level – Standard decrease with altitude). These performances may vary notably with altitude and temperature.

Safety is our philosophy



  • Petroleum, Gas & Mining Industry
  • Electrical & Energy Industry
  • Transportations
  • Environment
  • Agro Forestal Industry
  • Emergencies
  • Helirapel ( Crane Rescue )
  • Aerial Photography

Contact information

Airport El Trompillo Street Placido Molina
(+591-3) 355-9040
(+591-3) 355-5330

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